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By: Sverre Sjøthun, August 9, 2001  Print this article


HDD and PSU watercooling is underway, I decided to have the HDD waterblocks CNC’d as there are three of them, (for a total of up to 6 HDD’s), and I just couldn’t face all that tedious drilling, (with the possibility of messing it up).

Here’s the plan and the channel design it is being CNC’d too.

Fig. 32 Harddisk waterblock layout

Fig. 32 Harddisk waterblock layout

Fig. 33 Waterblock coutouts

Fig. 33 Waterblock coutouts

Here’s a pic of the current PC set-up using some temporary manifolds I knocked up. Eventually it will all be Pneumatic fittings.

Fig. 34 All water-cooled!

Fig. 34 All water-cooled!

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