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The PulseGen
By: Sverre Sjøthun, August 9, 2001  Print this article


Now onto the Pulse Gen. This is just a name I made up because it is basically what it does. It isn't a part of the watercooling as such, but required so that I can use the Asus Smart Doctor hardware monitoring that comes with the Asus GF3 card. It monitors fan rotation, temps, voltages and has GPU software cooling. Because I'm after a zero fan PC the card fan had to go which makes the Smart Doctor unusable due to it popping up continuously saying the fan is dead. I made this simple circuit, (with much help from others in this forum), that gives the card the same information via an artificially generated "pulse" as a fan does running at about 4500RPM.

Fig. 24 Disassembled pulse generator

Fig. 24 Disassembled pulse generator

Fig. 25 No fan connected, using pulse generator

Fig. 25 No fan connected, using pulse generator

Fig. 26 No fan or pulse generator connected

Fig. 26 No fan or pulse generator connected

The plan is to later run the signal or power for the pulse gen through a flow switch so it will pop up on pump death. (Thanks go to the members @ Hardware Central forums that helped me with building the pulse gen circuit).

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