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 Project Stealth Cooling
Planning and designing
By: Sverre Sjøthun, August 9, 2001  Print this article


Next item to watercool was the Video card, a fairly new Asus v8200 Geforce3 Deluxe. I previously had an Asus V7700 GTS that has served me well and I love the Asus hardware-monitoring App that gives GPU and Ram temps on the GF3, AGP & card voltage, fan RPM check and failure alert, and a type of “Rain” idle software cooling for the GPU. I also chose the Asus Geforce 3 card because it was the only one to offer easily removable Pinned Ram heatsinks. Asus has broken away from the Reference Geforce3 PCB layout set down by nVidia, and in doing so moved the ram closer to the GPU.

Maybe Asus thought it would overclock better and more stable if the Ram were nearer the GPU. You've got to admire that kind of logic, but unfortunately I think Ram & GPU batch quality makes more difference. You only need one ram chip on the card that's below par and it will limit the o/c potential. The ram is only nearer by a small amount (a few millimetres), but more importantly for me, the sink pins require holes in the card which is perfect for attaching a RAM waterblock. I thought long and hard about ways to do it and decided it would be best if it were a one-piece unit covering the entire ram so using all the four retaining holes. Firstly I removed the Ram and GPU sinks to take accurate measurements.

Fig. 2 Original heatsink/fan

Fig. 2 Original heatsink/fan

Fig. 3 Original heatsinks disassembled

Fig. 3 Original heatsinks disassembled

Fig. 4 Ramsink design

Fig. 4 Ramsink design

This was then converted into a proposed design done in MS paint. I know there are quicker and better graphic apps but I like the simplicity of paint myself, plus it’s part of windows.

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