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 Review, Asetek WaterChill - Plug&Chill
The testing scenario
By: Steffen Scheibler, October 10, 2003  Print this article


And now down to business: performance. Considering we have three sources of heat production in series I was very curious to see how this system performs under pressure.

In order to test the Plug&Chill kit, I put together a machine that should be able to illustrate the potential benefits of watercooling over aircooling and also put the system under a nice load.

The test machine
- AMD XP2500+ CPU
- Epox 8KRDA3+ nForce2 Ultra 400 motherboard
- 2x 256MB PC3200 LL DDR
- 1x IBM 120GB (180GXP, 8MB) HDD
- Aopen GeForce FX5200 w/ 64MB DDR DVI TVO
- CWT 400W PSU
- 16/48x Plextor DVD
- Windows 2000 Professional
- All in a black ChiefTec big-tower with 3x 80mm ultra-quiet fans

The tests
I tested 4 different types of cooling at various speeds in order to get some kind of overview of what type of cooling setup will yield what kind of performance:

1. Plug&Chill in 12V-mode, 4x ultra-silent fans (< 16Dba each)
2. Plug&Chill in 7V-mode, 2x 80mm ultra-silent fans (silent mode)
3. CNPS 7000A, Power-air-cooling, 6x powerful 80mm fans (sounds like a rocket)
4. Standard HSF (AMD stock) and 2x 80mm fans in the case

I will test the system at the following speeds:
1. 1466MHz (~XP1600+, FSB133/266, 1.60V)
2. 1833MHz (XP2500+, FSB166/333, 1.65V)
3. 2000MHz (XP2800+, FSB166/333, 1.65V)
4. 2200MHz (XP3200+, FSB200/400, 1.70V)
5. 2400MHz (~XP3500+, FSB200/400, 1.85V)

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  The Plug&Chill WaterChill
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  Assembling the system
  The testing scenario
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