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 Review, Asetek WaterChill - Plug&Chill
The Kit in detail continued
By: Steffen Scheibler, October 10, 2003  Print this article


The radiator
The radiator is almost a work of art. It is slim, light and can be mounted every which way you want. Its small size will make it that much more installable in your case. The 120mm Sunon fan can be mounted on either side as well, for both "suck" or "blow". Also, this radiator/fan combination seems quieter at the same voltages as the previous generation.

The radiator

The radiator

The smaller size of the radiator is basically down to the simple fact that the radiator is a multi-channel radiator and can dissipate much more heat than a single-channel radiator. Only the performance tests will show if a radiator this compact is up to the task of cooling an entire system.

The Pump & Reservoir
The supplied pump is a Hydor L20, which can produce 700lph. This is right in line with what other kits are being bundled with. Based on experience, I think 700lph is more than enough to ensure adequate cooling performance for even a heavily overclocked system and a peltier.

The Pump

The Pump

The reservoir is not pre-attached to the pump, allowing you to choose which orientation you want the inlet on the reservoir to have. This is a nice thought, but I would like to see a more flexible design in general for pump/reservoir combination as it is extremely difficult to get this to fit in the bottom of your case, as the inlet either points into the back/right-side-panel or into the door/left-side-panel. An inlet on the top of the reservoir would work wonders. Some kind of flexible design like you find on straws for soft-drinks would be just the ticket for the inlet/outlets on both the pump and reservoir.

The reservoir

The reservoir

Small parts & Hoses
Included with this kit is an absolutely unbelievable amount of small parts, spare parts, thermal paste – the list goes on and on. Everything you could possibly need is in this kit. All these small parts are what make this kit so compatible with many platforms and give you a high amount of flexibility when installing the system.

Lots and lots of small parts

Lots and lots of small parts

The supplied hose is quite OK. I will be honest, I have seen more flexible hoses but I will definitely give it top points for sturdyness. It takes about 8cm – 10cm (3.25" to 4") of hose to bend a 90 degree angle without flattening the tube significantly. With 14cm of tube I bent a 180 degree without flattening too much, but the hose resists with quite a bit of force, so you want to ensure that you do not need to bend the hose exiting/entering your VGA card too much or you could end up bending or even breaking your VGA or Chipset as the mounting mechanisms on the motherboard/AGP cards are simply not as sturdy as those around the CPU socket.

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  The Plug&Chill WaterChill
  The Kit in detail
  The Kit in detail continued
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