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 Review, Asetek WaterChill - Plug&Chill
The Plug&Chill WaterChill
By: Steffen Scheibler, October 10, 2003  Print this article


First impressions

First impressions last and the first impression was a good. The box was quite full of cooling goodies which definitely creates a good impression. On a fundamental level, this kit is the same as its predecessors and the differences are subtle rather than glaringly obvious. But only assembly and testing will ultimately let us know if this kit is an improvement or merely a face-lift.

The entire Kit

The entire Kit

Differences and Improvements
I will quickly explain some of the differences between this kit and its predecessor, which are all improvements in my book.

I. The Radiator.
I won’t list all the little improvements, but they really improved it. In fact, they completely replaced its predecessor. It is now a multi-channel radiator as opposed to a single-channel radiator and the mounting possibilities for the fan and the radiator are now optimal. It now has push-fit connectors. Some people complained about the fittings for the tubing in the previous version. Personally, I had no problems.

II. The Tubing
The tubing is now all the same size; 6.5mm (inside) / 10mm (outside). This is also really easy stuff to find in Europe – every pet store sells this stuff and it is very cheap too. 10mm is also pretty close to 3/8", so I wonder if 3/8" will work as well or if in fact all the fittings are 3/8" and just labeled 10mm for us Europeans.

III. The Waterblock
The CPU cooler in this kit came with an alternative top allowing you to fit the CPU cooler in systems where the motherboard has too much clutter around the socket.

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