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 Review, Zippy Electron Luminescence Keyboard
The Not-So-Good
By: Robert Kropiewnicki, July 14, 2003  Print this article


There are a number of things the EL-610 does not do quite so well. For starters, I have a hard time calling this a keyboard for gamers. Unless the networked game you're playing is light on keyboard use, the size and feel of the EL-610 is not conducive to LAN party use. Granted, it is extremely portable. But if you're going to take your PC tower with you to a LAN party, is a full size keyboard going to be that much more of a burden? If you use a laptop for LAN gaming, the only advantages the keyboard really provides is the ability to not be hunched over the laptop keyboard and the ability to see the keys in the dark if you're all playing with the lights out

Zippy EL-610 Over HP Pavilion Notebook

Zippy EL-610 Over HP Pavilion Notebook

The EL-610 will also tend to drive a touch typist crazy after a while. I found it nearly impossible to get any kind of decent rhythm going while typing with the keyboard. I should preface that by saying that I normally type in the 75-80 WPM range on an ergonomic keyboard and even reverting to a standard 101-key keyboard can get me flustered.

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