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 PipeDream case mod
Final result
By: Alan Vincent, September 11, 2002  Print this article


There aren't many pictures of the case during construction because I didn't think about taking any pictures. I was too busy trying to align fourteen pieces of aluminum into a square box shape. I'll do better next time. By the way, this machine is for sale if you would like to buy it. As shown, unpolished, and equipped with dual P3 Xeon500 1mb on an ASUS XG-DLS, 512MB RAM (CAS2 Mushkin), 32MB GeForce2 GTS-V video, Lite-on 40X CDRW, and a 5400rpm 30GB IDE harddrive. $1150.00 US.

full side view

full side view

case rightside view

case rightside view

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