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 Review, Zippy Electron Luminescence Keyboard
Final Analysis
By: Robert Kropiewnicki, July 14, 2003  Print this article


The value of the Zippy Electron Luminescence Keyboard is best summed up with the phrase "your mileage may vary". If you're a hunt-and-peck typist up late at night chatting in the dark, you'll be enthusiastic about the glowing keys. If you work with multiple Windows servers without the benefit of multiple keyboards or a KVM switch, you'll appreciate the fact that it worked with every version of Windows we tried. If you're a laptop owner who hates being hunched over the keyboard with your eyes that close to the LCD screen, you'll enjoy the fact that the keyboard adds little extra weight to your laptop bag.

On the other hand, if you're a LAN party enthusiast playing keyboard intensive games, the very portability that made the EL-610 so attractive works against it. Touch typists who hate the feel of a laptop keyboard will find much the same feel with the EL-610.

To recap the pros and cons:


- Lightweight yet durable
- Good for non-touch typists using it in the dark
- Fits easily into a laptop bag without adding much bulk
- Worked flawlessly with every version of Windows we tried
- Manages to look cool while being useful


- Laptop keyboard feel rough on touch typists
- Not really conducive to keyboard intensive LAN gaming

Our thanks go out to Bytecc Inc. for sending us the EL-610 to review.

Robert Kropiewnicki

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