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 PipeDream case mod
A slim full tower
By: Alan Vincent, September 11, 2002  Print this article


Where was I? Ah yes, the internal components of the case are mounted on square aluminum frames that fit exactly inside the box. The motherboard is mounted in its own framed "cube" and is slid down to the bottom of the case. It is a friction-fit and no fasteners are used. The powersupply is mounted in a similar frame and sits on top of the motherboard's frame. The CDROM drive mounts to the hinged top lid and fits snugly beside the powersupply when the lid is closed. The "holes" for the heatpipes and the back panel are cut where needed and framed with (even more) C-channel stock clamped with screws. The case itself is merely a "sleeve" that covers the framed components. The case is not attached to the internal components because it's not necessary and would involve the use of fasteners that are visible from the exterior. The dimensions of the finished case on the copper stand are (LxWxD) 12"x6"x22". Slightly taller and just as deep as a regular tower case, but about two inches thinner.

case front view

case front view

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