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 Copper Tube Case Mod, Part I
I have a cunning plan
By: Alan Vincent, May 31, 2002  Print this article


I decided to continue with the copper theme in mind when I started building a case for my newest machine. A gift from a friend I met online, the beautiful ASUS XG-DLS dual Xeon motherboard deserved to be seen and admired. My only goal was to keep the hardware visible. The case shown in the previous picture was retired from service and subsequently stripped of its power supply, stamped steel motherboard mounting tray and expansion slot bracket. I used these parts as a starting point for building the rest of the case.

Upon discovering that a stacked pair of CDROM drives was exactly the same size as a power supply, I had another starting point. I sat and stared for a while at the motherboard screwed onto the steel bracket, the processors plugged into their slots, and the CDROM/powersupply ‘combo’ sitting on the table in front of me. Arranging the parts in various ways and hoping to stumble across the perfect placement, I eventually arrived at something exactly like an ordinary tower case. Dang. Somebody else figured all this out already. My bad. So it would be a traditional tower case design reproduced in copper tube framework. Having a picture of the finished product in my head from the very start helps a lot. Having a few beers in belly helps even more.

What is transparent and not made of plastic?

Besides glass, I mean.

Nothing comes to mind, at least not for me. Which seems to occur with unending regularity most of the time.

The copper tubing can only provide a skeleton on which the hardware and side panels can be mounted. The side panels must offer some degree of protection to what’s inside else there would be no point in having side panels, right?

So I pondered the “what is transparent” problem while I stared out the window and stirred my coffee. The pretty blonde woman that lived downstairs was outside cleaning the trash from her car. I pondered her perfect thighs for a while instead. Daydreaming, my eyes lost their focus and affixed on the woven mesh window screen I had been staring through. Problem solved.

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  I have a cunning plan
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