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 About DWPG.Com - An introduction to the site and the people behind it.
About us
By: Sverre Sjøthun, September 5, 2002

Introduction, how it all started
DWPG.Com was initially conceived in 1999 as an enthusiast's site consisting of a one-page Word document formatted as html - and it looked dreadful. Nevertheless, Sverre soon discovered that he received quite a bit of traffic, mostly from the HardwareCentral forums, where he used to work as a Freelance Community Leader on behalf of Many of the articles published on Duckman's Wild Page, as it was better known back then, dealt with the technical issues all would-be overclockers face. Sverre's ability to convey the technical details on an easily understandable level brought him some considerable recognition in the enthusiast community.

In late November 2000, Sverre received an offer from the management at HardwareCentral of becoming a HardwareCentral staff member. Sverre couldn't have been more thrilled. Unfortunately, shortly after, the management who owns a number of well renowned sites such as SharkyExtreme as well as HardwareCentral decided to reduce the staff and fired every single person at HardwareCentral. If this hadn't happened, DWPG.Com would not have been what it is today.

With a lot of help from his contacts and friends, and in particular those from HardwareCentral and SharkyExtreme, DWPG.Com started taking off.

DWPG.Com becomes more than a one-man band
Sverre approached Robert Kropiewnicki, our Editor in Chief, about joining the staff of in October 2001. Sverre was looking to bring DWPG.Com a bit more into the mainstream to appeal to a wider audience. It is not a coincidence that Roberts first article for the site was an editorial about what he considered unfair treatment of the, at the time, upcoming nForce chipset.

Further evidence came when the label "Duckman's Wild Page" was dropped from our title bar in favour of the more ambiguous "DWPG.Com" with the slogan "For everything wild about computing" during the new site design launch in January 2002. In relation with the launch of the new design, we developed our own backend system, making it easier for ourselves to cope with the increased workload and activity on the site. At the same time, two more staff members joined us -- Steffen Scheibler from Austria and Alan Vincent from America.

DWPG.Com today
In the months that followed, comprehensive projects, articles and reviews have followed on topics ranging from the low end to the very high end. The one theme that ran through all of the articles was how to get the most out of the hardware you have, how it works and why. The new and improved DWPG.Com was all about performance and stability, how to get it, and when you've gotten it, how to get more. This approach apparently struck a chord within the enthusiast community. DWPG.Com now receives between 800,000 and 900,000 pageloads a month(September 2002), and with an incredible growth rate.

DWPG.Com has evolved from a small personal website to an international website with tens of thousands of readers every month, seven staffmembers, and is working with industry leaders and many well known manufacturers to keep their readership updated on the latest of the latest whereas always keeping an eye on product availability, stability and compatibility.

Sverre 'Duckman' Sjøthun, CEO
Sverre Sjøthun, the founder of DWPG.Com, was born in 1975 in Stavanger, Norway. Even as a young kid, Sverre was obsessed with everything that could be taken apart, built or modified. To his parents despair, it was easier and more fun to take apart than put together again. The classic example is the RC car his dad bought in Tokyo when he was 5 years old -- after 1 day in the little kids hands, the steering was not working, and on top of that, it was mounted in another toy car. With a rubber band as a transmissionbelt.

Sverre’s mug shot

Luckily, for both himself and his parents, he got better at putting things back together as well as the years went by. At the age of ten, Sverre got a Commodore 64, and it was then pretty clear that computers were going to be a big part of his life. After having finished his education as a computer engineer as well as military service, which is compulsory in Norway, Sverre got his first job in 1998. Working as a computer engineer when you're a computer junkie, being at work is great. It's not that many that has the privilege of actually getting paid to do what they like the most and is their hobby.

Except from computers, Sverre has a wide variety if interests, ranging from hiking, biking and reading books to cooking, fast boats and high-end stereo equipment. Every now and then, he goes to his family’s log hut, just to relax or do some maintenance work. As the hut is located by the sea, his new toy is a 15' Fletcher speedboat with 115hp outboard engine, and the roar from the Mercury instantly put a big grin on his face.

Sverre can be reached at

Robert 'Phantom' Kropiewnicki, Editor in Chief
Robert was born in 1972, raised, and still can be found in Northern New Jersey on the Eastern seaboard of the USA. He's been a computer junkie for over ten years now. Having started a career in Network Administration about six years ago, computers are now both his hobby and his job.

When he's not sitting in front of a computer, you can probably find Robert watching some type of sporting event, energetically rooting on his team. Sports is his other obsession. Whether it’s playing in a town softball league, attending a hockey game, or participating in a fantasy sports league, Robert never very far from his next sports related endeavor.

When it’s time to wind down from installing a new piece of hardware or celebrating one of his teams winning a ballgame, he like to listen to something from his CD collection and/or curl up with a good book. His musical tastes range from Broadway show tunes to all varieties of rock n’ roll. He is admittedly not the biggest metal fan in the world though he do listen to the odd band that falls into that category. As for books, sci-fi, fantasy and hi-tech thrillers make up the majority of his 600 novel collection.

Robert currently work as the IT administrator for StructuredWeb, Inc. They are a web development company dealing in e-commerce solutions. He has found this to be a great opportunity to expand on his repertoire of skills as being the only support person for a staff of web developers will keep you on your toes.

Robert can be reached at

Steffen 'Tiberia' Scheibler, Content Creator
Steffen was born in 1973 and is currently living in Vienna, Austria. Steffen moved there from Sweden in 1998 but has also lived in Scotland, England, Switzerland, U.S.A., Germany - one or two places - and is still travelling a lot, as he likes to break out of the mental asylum known as Vienna at least 3 times a year. Steffen works for a company that connects the finance-sector to the IT-sector -- publishing quotes from various stock markets chiefly via the Internet. Coping with real-time data from pretty much all European and most North American stock exchanges tends to keep you busy from nine-to-five, and with only eight persons in the staff, it does entail the odd late night.

Steffen's mug shot

Steffen joined the ranks of the computer enthusiasts in 1986, when he bought his first computer, a ZX Spectrum with 64KB of RAM. Steffen has been continuously messing up his social life using computers ever since, and only rarely has he had any real regrets. He's not sure if it's a common path, but he went from the software-side of things into the hardware side of things over the next 10 years. Steffen did some of his very best programming when he was 15 - 18 ('89 - '92), whereas today, Steffen is happy when he can install Windows 98 without getting errors (some would argue that this is a deceptively difficult thing to do, but he digress).

When it comes to hardware, there isn't much in the x86 world that he hasn't played with, and he has dabbled with Alphas and IBM RISC-systems too. When he's not pursuing his hardware-hobbies, which is most of the time these days, Steffen owns a car and travels (Vienna is rather conveniently situated), is owned by a wife, owns a horse, two cats (not sure who owns who) and a girlfriend. On days where the wife, girlfriend, the two cats and the horse all have head-aches or are washing their hair, he chooses to read or annoy people on the internet via ICQ and MS Messenger.

Steffen can be reached at

Alan ‘TNproud2b’ Vincent, Content Creator
Alan was born in the southern United States in 1966 and is mighty proud of that fact. His childhood through his teenage years was spent in several states including Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, and New jersey. He attended three different highschools during his last four years of public education. He is the son of the two best parents in the world, in his words. While he enjoys tinkering mechanical things, his real love is meeting new people.

Alan and ’The Sausagemobile’

Tired of moving, Alan eventually settled in Charlotte, North Carolina where he has remained for the last 13 years. He is a 14-year employee of AT&T, and has been involved in all aspects of customer billing for their consumer, government, and business telecommunications accounts. His career has been a rocky one, indeed. Alan holds the current record for the longest disciplinary suspension at the Charlotte Bill Print Center - Three weeks.

In his spare time at work he constructed a compressed-air-powered "setscrew rifle" that proved to be highly accurate at up to 100 meters. After a lengthy, buildingwide investigation conducted by an AT&T investigator flown-in from New Jersey headquarters -- it was determined that Alan had indeed built the "weapon" in question. Awestruck by its simple yet effective design and first-rate craftsmanship, the investigator decided that Alan was too talented to dismiss.

Today, Alan spends his time building computer-related projects that focus on low-cost high-performance CPU cooling and custom case-modding. His current fascination is with dual-CPU platforms and phase-change refrigeration. He might just build you a setscrew rifle, if you ask nicely.

Alan can be reached at

Kevin 'KJY9' Young, Content Creator
Kevin was born in Buffalo, N.Y. 1959, and has been "experimenting" with electronics since the early age of 7 when he built his first radio and has been hooked ever since. His first computer was an IBM 286 with a 9600 baud modem which he surfed BBS', downloading at blazing speeds various programs to further his experimentation. The first computer he built from scratch was a 486 DX 100, which took him 2 days to build and get an operating system running on.


Kevin has been a Web-Developer for several large Internet companies and Advertising Agencies throughout the United States, as well as helping several friends get their start-up Internet Service Provider businesses up and running. He has server and network experience as well as building high-end Intel and AMD based computers for clients and friends.

Kevin currently resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas where he is once again back in University seeking a degree in Christian Studies. You can also check out his own homesite and keep up with his current computer builds here.

Kevin can be reached at

Chris Thomas, News Editor
Chris was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1984. Currently an Electrical & Computer Engineering student at Carnegie Mellon University, Chris started on an Apple II, followed by an 8088. He taught himself MS-DOS by watching his dad on a 16MHz 386, and learned how to program in 3rd grade. He has been into computers ever since.

When he has finished his homework and isn't in front of his computer, Chris enjoys robotics - his projects include an autonomous hovercraft and a very unique aircraft (a work in progress, see concept videos here and here). He also dabbles in web design (his homepage is here).

Chris can be reached at

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